Child of Eden Invites You to Experience Synesthesia

Child of Eden is about to release for the PlayStation 3, and in preparation for that, Q Entertainment has released a new trailer, treating us to the unique sights and sounds contained within their new game.

If you have an Xbox 360, you might have already seen or played Child of Eden, since it released earlier this summer as a Kinect compatible game. Naturally the transition to PS3 has required some extra time, not only to implement Move support, but stereoscopic 3D. As a result the game looks great on the Xbox, but should provide an incredible visual treat on PS3. However, Child of Eden is about the idea of synesthesia, which integrates sight, sound, and touch into one seamless experience, so the following trailer is only a taste of what the full game has to offer.

In Child of Eden, it will be your duty to purify Eden of the viral threat against Eden and Project Lumi. Success will allow Project Lumi to reach completion, creating a human consciousness replicated from the memories stored within Eden’s data banks. The unique premise, gameplay, and visual aesthetics all make Child of Eden look like it’ll be worth checking out when it releases later this month. The game is currently slated to hit store shelves for PS3 on September 27th in North America, September 29th in Australia, September 30th in Europe, and October 6th in Japan.