Battlefield 3 Beta Limited to Operation Metro, Mania Ensues

DICE has shocked many gamers with the Battlefield 3 beta on several fronts, one of which was their choice of using Operation Metro as the only playable map. Battlefield is known for its use of incredibly large maps and vehicles to deliver a lifelike war experience, and Operation Metro tosses that right out of the window and instead provides something less dynamic and more similar to the competing Call of Duty franchise. However, there is a second map in the beta files which includes all of the qualities that fans have come to love, but DICE has no interest in making it playable if their latest quote is any indication.

After being asked to make Caspian Border a playable map in the Battlefield 3 beta – which has been an overwhelmingly popular request since the start of the beta – DICE Community Manager, Ian Tornay, replied with the following on Twitter:

We can either put work into doing that or into the final product – which would you prefer? 🙂

Are there really only two choices? It’s strange that DICE doesn’t want to stress test on the larger, more strenuous environments. Internal testing only goes so far, and with 64-players available on Conquest mode for the PC version, there are sure to be some server-side hurdles involved.

If you’re already tired of Operation Metro, then too bad it seems.