EA announces Battlefield 2042 Dead Space crossover

Battlefield 2042 Dead Space Crossover Announced, Limited Event Detailed

EA is combining two of its biggest franchises with the announcement of a Dead Space crossover event coming to Battlefield 2042. The event runs for one week, starting on July 9, and features unlockable rewards and a new bundle.

What is the Battlefield 2042 Dead Space crossover?

Battlefield 2042’s Dead Space crossover event is called Outbreak and tasks players with surviving “a new and relentless enemy” in the Boreas laboratory. Rather than Necromorphs, the new enemies are more human in appearance and clearly the result of some manner of unethical experiments. They’re also not quite zombies, seemingly possessing the coordination to use guns and melee weapons in combat.

Battlefield 2042 Dead Space crossover Marked Man outfit

Players who participate in the Outbreak event can unlock rewards, including a new weapon charm, weapon skin, player card background, and tag. Meanwhile, the event also sees the arrival of the Dead Space Bundle to Battlefield 2042. It includes three legendary weapon skins and the Marked Man Operator outfit. The former transforms the player’s guns into weapons from the sci-fi horror trilogy, with the new outfit drawing inspiration from Isacc Clark’s iconic space suit. The bundle costs 2200 BFC from the game’s store.

Battlefield 2042 hasn’t had the best reception since it launched in 2021. The game received mixed reviews at release and an overwhelmingly negative reception from players. Developer DICE made hundreds of changes in subsequent updates to address the criticisms. EA also denied rumors in 2022 that it had reduced the game’s developer to a “skeleton crew.”