Cross Game Chat #56 – Listen and Win

This week we will be giving out 3 codes for the Splinter Cell HD Collection. Yes that’s right, if you listen to this podcast you can get a chance to win a free copy of a $40 game! Don’t think of it as bribery, think of it as… listening with benefits. On top of that, it also happens to be the beginning of the month, so that means we go over our winners and losers for September. Be sure to tune in (you might want to turn the volume down during the release horizon) to hear what games we picked, and of course, to win a free game!

This Week’s News Topics

  • Vita Downloads Capped at 20MB Read>>
  • Beyond Good and Evil Sequel to Feature Space Exploration Read>>
  • Dead Island Film in the Works Read>>
  • Square Says Final Fantasy Brand has Been Greatly Damaged Read>>
  • David Cage Would be Tempted if Sony Wanted to Aquire Quantic Dream Read>>
  • No Plans For Heavy Rain Sequel Read>>
  • Journey Releasing Spring 2012 Read>>
  • Chrono Trigger Coming to PSN Read>>
  • I Am Alive Coming to PSN Read>>

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Plenty of good games came out in September, so be sure to write in if you think the guys missed out on a game that they absolutely have to play. Next week, we join Cameron for the hate-fueled podcast; we will be talking about all the things we hate about the PSN. Now, the purpose isn’t to just go angry nerd on Sony, but to come up with some constructive criticisms of the PSN. Be sure to write [email protected] or PSLifeStyle via Twitter to let us know what improvements should be made to the PSN. Also, you can stop by to watch Josh play a live gaming session of Dark Souls every night at 9 pacific.

Cameron’s Anime Recommendation


PMC’s Music Pick

Blink-182 (not giving you the link for this one) [PmC says: that’s okay, fixed that for you.]

Eric’s Recommendation

We’re Alive