PlayStation Store Preview – October 4th, 2011: Chrono ‘n’ Crysis

This week we’re finally getting Chrono Trigger, no false alarms this time. On top of that, there’s some DLC for Portal 2 and Resistance 3, some new games, as well as a not new, but new game (confusing, I know), Crysis. Also, for the first time ever, some classic PlayStation 2 titles will be arriving in the PlayStation Store.

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PAYDAY: The Heist [DELAYED until late Oct.]

NBA Jam: On Fire Edition

Eufloria [Full Game and Demo]

SEGA Bass Fishing

Space Channel 5 Part 2

Resident Evil 5: Gold Edition [Full Game Trial]

Chrono Trigger [PSOne Classic]

Resistance 3 DLC – Survival Pack

Portal 2 DLC – Peer Review

Maximo: Ghost to Glory

God Hand


Odin Sphere

Ring of Red

NBA 2K12 [PSP]


rock-band Rock Band DLC – Limp Bizkit Pack

  • Gold Cobra
  • Nookie” X
  • My Way
  • Re-Arranged

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