Uncharted 2 Hits Late Night TV in Japan, Spoils Game for Everyone

The land of the rising sun is full of strange ideas and crazy concepts that make me scratch my head while wondering things along the lines of “Why? How? And, what the hell?” Uncharted on late night TV is no different.

As Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception gears up to release next month, now would be a great time to promote the previous games in the series and get the public hyped for the latest sequel. It seems Sony is on the ball with that, but their ideas for how to do so in Japan are a little unorthodox. A new television program launched yesterday, October 3rd, for late night on Tokyo TV in Japan, titled UnchaTV.

UnchaTV seems to exist for the purpose of promoting Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, but is more like an enormous spoilers reel. Rather than a simple advertisement, the program has taken all of the cut scenes from Uncharted 2 and spliced them together into 16 episodes with a total run time of 64 minutes. In between the scenes are two actors discussing the game, with one as a boyfriend trying to convince his non-gamer girlfriend how they can enjoy the game together, despite the lack of a local co-op mode. Good luck with that one buddy, but you better put that controller in her hand for even a remote shot at success.

Sony has rarely been known for having a good marketing strategy in the past, or much of one at all, so this isn’t a surprising move, but still an oddity worth laughing at. Hopefully they have a better plan for promoting Uncharted 3 in Europe and North America, because it certainly deserves it.