Final Fantasy XIII-2 Pre-Order Incentives Revealed

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is set to release this coming January. Following the multimillion-selling Final Fantasy XIII, Square Enix is looking to get you to pre-order the game sooner rather than later. Some pre-order incentives have been announced, and can be read about below.

In a recent presser, Square Enix announced the goodies you will receive if you pre-order the game at participating retailers:

  • Amazon: Pre-order from this online retailer to receive the Omega Boss Battle, a “Unique coliseum battle against boss enemy “Omega,” who joins the player’s party afterward.”
  • Best Buy: This retailer has the only physical incentive announced so far: a collectible hardcover book, titled Final Fantasxy XIII Episode i. Square Enix has labeled this as a novella, which bridges the storylines between Final Fantasy XIII and XIII-2.
  • GameStop: Pre-orders from here will come with an alternate costume for Serah.

Assuming you are buying the game, which pre-order sounds the most enticing to you? Final Fantasy XIII-2 is currently set to release on January 31st, 2012.