Vita-Exclusive Army Corps of Hell Headed to Europe

It looks like European gamers have another title they can add to the ever-growing list of awesome games headed to the PlayStation Vita in the near future. The latest addition is Army Corps of Hell, a title being developed by the guys at Entersphere that was originally announced at TGS.

Square Enix will be responsible for bringing the title to Europe and plans to have it out to market in time to make the Vita’s launch window of early 2012. According to Square’s Sarah Hoeksma, Army Corps of Hell will provide a unique and engrossing experience that will stand out among other Vita launch titles.

Army Corps of Hell is an exciting new title for us, and we’re thrilled to be bringing it to the PlayStation Vita exclusively. The team at Entersphere is creating a unique experience which will really stand out from the other titles coming to the PlayStation®Vita in the launch window.

Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for more information on this 4 player co-op supporting Vita-exclusive as we near its launch, and whether there are any plans for a US debut.