Sony’s Plan: Re-Purchase UMDs at Discount for PS Vita

Back a few months ago, Sony revealed that it was looking into backwards compatibility for PSP owners who buy a PlayStation Vita, so they would be able to play their purchased UMDs on the Vita. The latest issue of Dengeki Magazine has been released and sheds some new light on this plan.

An interview in the magazine revealed that Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is mulling over a plan where gamers can re-purchase their PSP UMDs as a downloadable game, for a special price on the Vita. The magazine does not go into further detail on how much this discount will be and if this is a plan that is being looked at outside of Japan.

The PS Vita is out in Japan on December 17th, with no date yet for North American or European audiences. Do you think this is a good idea from Sony and if they do implement it, what kind of discount would you like to see?