Vita Games Priced in Japan, Downloadable Versions Cheaper

It’s no secret that gaming is moving towards a digital-only future, the only question is how soon? Well, if the Vita’s software pricing is any indication, Sony is pushing for the transition to happen sooner rather than later.

According to a report from Famitsu, upcoming launch title Uncharted: Golden Abyss will set gamers back ¥5,980 ($78) should they choose to buy the physical copy and only ¥4,900 ($64) if they download it. If Sony plans on implementing this pricing scheme outside of Japan as well, they can count on a lot more downloads from the PSN.

In addition, Namco Bandai will be incentivizing gamers to pick up the PSN versions of Ridge Racer and Katamari Damacy no Vita by pricing Ridge Racer at ¥2,980 ($39) for a limited time until March 31st. After that, the game will cost ¥3,580 ($47), though still cheaper than the retail version, which is set for ¥3,980 ($52). Katamari will see the same exclusive treatment; however the pricing of the game will skew a bit higher.