Uncharted 3 Buddy System Detailed by Naughty Dog

If you’ve been following Uncharted 3’s multiplayer closely, then you might be aware of the game’s new buddy system. To give gamers a complete rundown on this new feature, Naughty Dog has created a video detailing what to expect.

When you join a multiplayer match, you can either pair up with someone in your party or be assigned to another player on your team. Doing this will provide the player with a number of benefits, including the ability to spawn near his or her buddy after dying.

In addition, working together with your buddy to take down enemies will allow you to high five over their corpse, earning you additional cash and medals. Should the buddy you’re assigned to not be cooperating all that well, you have the option to switch buddies by high fiving someone else that you would rather work with.

Treasures will also provide some unique incentives during multiplayer. By collecting treasures, you’ll be able to score a number of unlocks including various customizable options within the game. Want to deck out Nathan Drake with some aviators? Better get hunting!

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