Optional PS3 Firmware Update v3.73 Released, Makes Console a Little More Stable

As much as we’d love to see cross game chat or full PS2 playback on the PS3, one of the most important aspects of firmware updates is keeping the console stable and secure. In yet another dull update, the latest firmware upgrade does just that – but at least it’s not mandatory.

The update, which hasn’t even been announced on the PS Blog, is described by the Official PlayStation Twitter account:

A new, non-mandatory PS3 firmware update, v3.73, is now available. Stability during use of certain PS3 format software has been improved.

Weighing in at around 186MB, it’s worth downloading the update if you have the time, but for those of you who only spend a few precious moments with their PS3 a day will be happy to know that the update is purely optional. Of course, you can always save time and download the update right here, straight to your PC/Mac:

To install it onto your PS3, put the file onto a USB with a folder named ‘PS3’ and a subfolder named ‘UPDATE’, with the file in the subfolder. Then, insert the memory stick into your PS3, go to ‘Settings’, then ‘System Update’ and press X. Choose ‘Update via Storage Media’ and follow the on-screen instructions that will complete the installation. Note: Do not remove the USB until the update is over.

Will you be downloading the optional update, or are you going to be too busy playing Arkham City? Let us know in the comments below.