Naughty Dog Interested in Next Gen, But “Could Keep Games on The PS3 Forever”

Despite the PlayStation 3’s rough launch, it has managed to gain speed and compete to a level that has made this the longest generation we’ve seen since Sony appeared in the gaming market during the mid 90’s. Its hardware has stood the test the time, a fact that has thrilled many gaming developers looking for more consistency and greater revenue, Naughty Dog among them.

Naughty Dog Game Director Justin Richmond not only sees the PS3 performing for a long time to come, but could very easily keep producing games on the platform if there weren’t a successor to support in the not so distant future. He stated during an interview:

We’re interested in the next generation just as much as everybody else, but in terms of making games… we could keep games on the PS3 forever. It’s an amazing platform.

It’s crazy to look back and think that only a few years ago many developers had almost nothing good to say about the PS3 architecture. Fast forward to today, and we’ve seen Valve, Ubisoft, EA, Bethesda and many more creating gorgeous visual experiences on the hardware which seems to only get better with age. The teams at Naughty Dog, Santa Monica Studios, Konami, and Guerrilla Games have led the pack and were pioneers with cell processor utilization.

With a PlayStation 4 in the works, we might be seeing the end of Uncharted after either Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception or whatever release comes after it. They have routinely begun new IPs at the start of each generation, with each becoming a staple of its respective console. Enjoy Nathan Drake while you can, and be sure to play Uncharted 3 when it releases on November 1st.