Battlefield 3 Will Require Some Real Estate on Your PS3

Hard drive installs have been a point of concern for many over the course of this generation, especially with graphically intensive games. Battlefield 3 is being marketed as one of the most visually appealing games of 2011, and consequently will require some hard disk space,but just how much real estate will it require?

Battlefield 3 will require an install which will take up 2 gigabytes of space on the PS3 hard drive. This will not include the 1.5 gigabyte high-resolution texture pack that’ll be available for an optional install, but is highly recommended. Thankfully, the texture pack will be included on the single Blu-ray, in contrast to its competitors two disc solution.

It is also worth noting that the Back to Karkand pack, which will be provided for free to pre-orders but purchasable for those who don’t, will not be available on the disc, and as such will take up some space of its own. Make sure your PS3 is ready when Battlefield 3 marches on October 25th.