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Battlefield 5 update

Latest Battlefield V Update Restores Reviving and Stops Uneven Player Counts

This patch is much smaller than the day one update.

battlefield single player

Here’s Why DICE Couldn’t Leave Battlefield V’s Single-Player War Stories Behind

The team at DICE is passionate about telling these stories.

battlefield 1 ceasefire

Battlefield 1 Players Held a (Brief) Ceasefire for Armistice Day

It’s a miracle it lasted as long as it did.

battlefield 5 issues

DICE Releases a List of Battlefield V’s Known Issues Ahead of Worldwide Launch

It’s a comprehensive list!

Battlefield V Launch

Battlefield V’s Launch Trailer Shows Off Its Most Exciting Moments

Are you ready to get on the Battlefield?

battlefield 5 firestorm

DICE Is Holding Back Firestorm to Avoid Overwhelming Battlefield V Players

Might this work in DICE’s favor?

Battlefield V Battle Royale

Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode Has a Smaller Player-Count Than Black Ops 4’s

More news will arrive leading up to the mode’s launch in March 2019.

battlefield 5 launch day patch notes

Battlefield V’s Over 130-Page of Day One Patch Notes Are Live

Thankfully, DICE has provided a summary.

battlefield 5 day one patch

The Day One Patch Notes for Battlefield V Will Be 135 Pages Long

That’s nearly 23,000 words.

battlefront 2 obi wan

Take Your First Look at Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars Battlefront II

He’ll have the higher ground.

battlefield 5 trophies

Take a Look at the Trophies You Can Earn in Battlefield V

Trophy hunters, get ready.

battlefield 5 issues

Here’s When You Can Start Preloading Battlefield V

Gotta get the jump on it.

battlefield 5 multiplayer launch maps

Get a Sneak Peek at Every Battlefield V Multiplayer Launch Map

Plus a look at a post-launch map featured in Tides of War Chapter 1.

Battlefield V Microtransactions

Battlefield V Cosmetic Microtransactions Won’t Be Available at Launch

And it’s entirely on purpose.

play Battlefield 5 early

Here’s How You Can Play Battlefield 5 Early

When you just can’t wait to go to war!

DICE Internship

DICE Is Looking for Interns to Study Toxic Behavior in Battlefield

Battlefield needs to be for everyone.

Battlefield V Post Launch

Here’s What We’ll See During the First 3 Months of Battlefield V’s Tides of War

Including Tides of War and Firestorm.

General Grievous Battlefront II

Here’s What You Can Expect From General Grievous In Star Wars Battlefront II

Beef with Obi-Wan included.

battlefield 5 firestorm details

New Information on Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode Arrives Very Soon

Firestorm details will come with new information about Tides of War.

war stories battlefield 5

The Last Tiger Will Be Battlefield V’s Last War Story

Tides of War won’t bring about additional single-player content.