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Battlefield 2042 PS Plus Release Results in Massive Increase in Players

Battlefield 2042‘s PS Plus release has breathed new life into the game, which is apparently enjoying a massive surge in player numbers since landing on the service earlier this month. Battlefield 2042 is part of March 2023’s PS Plus Essential games line-up.

Battlefield 2042 sees over 500 percent increase in players

As pointed out by trophy data website TrueTrophies, Battlefield 2042 saw a 578 percent jump in player count following its PS Plus release. It currently has more players than games like GTA V, Rocket League, Overwatch 2, Apex Legends, and Destiny 2.

A quick look at PSNProfiles, which offers a list of popular games based on player activity, reveals that Battlefield 2042 is the fourth most popular game on the website following Hogwarts Legacy, Minecraft Dungeons, and Horizon Forbidden West (PS Plus Extra).

Worth noting that this observation is based on limited data as not all players opt in to be tracked, but it’s a good indicator nonetheless.

Unlike PS Plus Extra and Premium games, PS Plus Essential line-up is for players to keep as long as they have an active membership regardless of the tier. Even if players let their subscription elapse and re-join PS Plus sometime later, they’ll still have access to the games they claimed. In other words, Battlefield 2042 is yours to keep if you’ve claimed it.