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Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave Videos Show Xillia Characters

It was recently announced that characters from Namco Bandai’s Tales franchise will be coming together to star in a PSP-based beat’em up, despite the fighting game not being the greatest thing in the world. Entitled Tales of the Heroes: Twin Brave, some videos have surfaced showing the inclusion of Jude and Milla from the recently released PS3 exclusive Tales of Xillia.

The videos are about 30-seconds each and give prospective importers a glimpse at the combat. I say “importers” because as a PSP game of a series with such a shaky localization history, this one has an extremely low chance of making it outside of Japan. Its only hope is great sales of the two Tales games coming out in 2012, followed by either some kind of miraculous PSP resurgence or Vita port that can ride the waves of a successful North American launch.


The second video:


There’s also a more general introductory video:


Tales of the Heroes doesn’t yet have an official release date. It’s expected to hit Japan in 2012.