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PSLS Android Live Wallpaper is… Live!

The day we’ve all been waiting for is here! The PSLS Live Wallpaper is up on the Android Market. Now we just sit back, kick up our feet and count the billions of dollars… oh damn, it’s free. Looks like it’s back to work!

If you happened to be one of our beta testers, to be able to install this Android Market version of the Wallpaper app you will need to first uninstall the old version from your device. One of the security features of Android prevents apps with the same package name to have different security certificates, so if you try to install the non-debug version of the app it will complain that the app is not properly signed. The Market version contains some performance enhancements on most devices thanks to beta feedback, and will allow you to receive future updates automatically, so be sure to install the Market version.

To uninstall the beta version, go to Home Screen -> Menu Button -> Settings -> Applications -> Manage Applications and select the “Downloaded” or “3rd Party” tab, scroll down to “PSLS Live Wallpaper”, tap to select the Wallpaper and click on “Uninstall”. Once the debug version of the Live Wallpaper is uninstalled, you can download the Market version of the PSLS Live Wallpaper from your device or from the Android Market website. If you have any trouble there is a Forum post created to log and track any issues.

In addition to the PSLS Live Wallpaper, the new version of the PSLS Android mobile app is nearing completion. A beta version is available here for download directly to your device. You can download the .apk file and push it to your phone via for favorite method (we like Dropbox), or go to from your device and click on the link for the PSLS Android mobile app to download and install. Since this is an entirely new version of the app, it can be installed alongside the current PSLS Android app.

Let us know how you like the new version in the comments for this post or in the Forums. I will be posting updates and ChangeLogs of new versions to the forums post, so be sure to subscribe for updates. Below are some screens of the upcoming app for your viewing enjoyment.