Ubisoft Announces Babel Rising for PSN, Move Control Confirmed

If you’re an iPhone game junkie then you’ve likely heard of the game Babel Rising, a touch-based title that has players taking on the role of God as they try to stop a group of builders from successfully constructing a tower. It looks like PlayStation owners will get to jump in on the fun very soon, as Ubisoft has announced that a version of the game is coming to the PlayStation Network as well as Xbox Live Arcade.

Ubisoft describes the console version of Babel Rising as a “next-generation version of the popular iPhone game of the same name.” Though while gamers on the iPhone were required to use touch controls, the PlayStation 3 version of the game will make use of the system’s Move controls. In addition, the game will feature both competitive and cooperative modes.

French developer Mando Productions is working on making the console port possible and expects to have the game done sometime next year. This is great news for PlayStation Move owners, as Sony attempts to provide additional support for owners of its motion-based peripheral.