Volition Claims Red Faction: Armageddon Issues Stem from Interference

Volition’s latest foray into the Red Faction franchise wasn’t quite as well received as their prior entries in the series, and an environmental artist for Red Faction Guerrilla believes he knows why.

In an interview with Play Mag, Volition’s Wayne Adams explains that interference is likely to blame when considering the lackluster sales of Armageddon.

The last game had one flaw and that was interference. What people play, when they play Red Faction: Armageddon, is not what it started out to be. A lot was changed on the story side of things. Elements were introduced and things had to either be scrapped or re-purposed to keep up with the game.

In the end hard decisions had to be made, and what could have been was restructured into what the team could do with the amount of time they had. I can’t say whether or not the original ideas would have been better but I think consistency was lost in all of the turmoil of change.

Time constraint is a prominent issue for developers and forces them to make sacrifices and modify their original intentions into something more feasible. It’s unfortunate that Volition’s attempts didn’t pan out all that well in the final product.