PSLS Exclusive Sideway: New York Dev Diaries – Recap

Yesterday, we concluded our five day run of exclusive Sideway: New York videos, but if you missed them, we’ve compiled all the developer diaries into one handy post. Plus, find out who one the final giveaway.

In part one, Mike Burns, Executive Producer of Fuel Entertainment gave us an exclusive look at the game’s story:

In part two, Phil Glofcheskie, Game Designer, Fuel Entertainment explained how the concept for the game came about:

In part three, we explored the game’s wonderful art style with Stephen Daggitt, Creative Director, Fuel Entertainment:

In part four, John Harley, Game Designer, Playbrains told us about the gameplay and game design:

And in part five, Paul Winterhalder, Executive Producer, Playbrains discussed the rules of the Sideway world:

The winners of the final Sideway giveaway are: ConcreteDonkey and Raymond – congrats! Be sure to check your PSLS inboxes.

Stay tuned to PlayStation LifeStyle for more exclusive interviews, giveaways and features soon!