Insert Disc: Halloween Special

Back by popular demand, Insert Disc has risen from the dead – just in time for Halloween!

‘Insert Disc’ is a community-focused feature where the PlayStation LifeStyle staff will talk in brief about what disc is currently spinning in their PS3. We encourage users to share their own current obsessions, addictions, habits, and fixes in the comments. What disc do you have inserted?

With ghosts and ghouls wandering the streets, today was the perfect day for me to play some Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare. After a couple of hours of zombie killing fun, I couldn’t agree more with our glowing review.

As zombies shuffled through the misty prairie, I carefully leveled my antique handgun at their rotting skulls while sitting on my trusty steed (a lot like in the awesome The Walking Dead) and took down as many as I could before my ammo ran out. Then, I simply galloped away in search of more ammo and different monsters – and, boy are there a lot of mythical creatures packed into this surprisingly long DLC add-on.

Pure, relaxing bliss.

That’s probably my only real gripe with Undead Nightmare, it’s not scary – it’s fun. But what are you playing to get your heart pounding this spooky night? Have you inserted Silent Hill, Resident Evil or Dead Island into your console?

Whatever you’re playing, tell us in the comments below.

P.S. Rockstar should definitely do an Undead DLC pack for GTA V.