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Silicon Knights Lays Off The Majority of its Employees

After spending 10 years on the critical and commercial failure that was Too Human, Silicon Knights probably haven’t been in the best of financial situations for some time, but the release of the disappointing X-Men Destiny seems to have pushed the veteran developer over the edge.

Today, “two credible sources” told 1UP that Silicon Knights’ staff has been cut 75%, from 100 employees down to 25. This massive layoff, raised a few eyebrows due to its huge scale, with some confident that the studio would survive for many more years after receiving a total of CDN $8 million in funding to be used to improve its development technology.

This news came just few days after Silicon Knights’ publicists refused to confirm whether any layoffs were taking place.

We all hope that everybody who’s affected by this rumored layoff will pull through in this tough economy.