Machinarium PS3 Port Will Be “The Ultimate Version”

Gamers generally aren’t fans of receiving ports of older games, especially when those games are over two years old. Hoping to sway the PS3 fan base, Jakub Dvorský, game designer at Amanita, discusses why the PS3 version of Machinarium is the definitive version.

Speaking to Eurogamer, Jakub had this to say:

This PlayStation version will be the ultimate version. There will be a few new features, such as zoom, trophies. It will be more fluent. It’s a really nice version.

He also discussed how even though Machinarium will support the PSMove, it is best played with a Dualshock controller.

Even though Machinarium released more than two years ago on the PC, you have to appreciate the fact Amanita is putting in the extra work to make the PS3 version that much better, instead of simply doing a quick port.

Check out Machinarium when it release in February 2012.