GTA V Set in San Andreas, Includes Jets, Biplanes and Jetskis

November 2, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

The GTA V trailer is here! But what hidden secrets lie within the amazing trailer? We’ve spotted a few things that show Grand Theft Auto V might not be as serious as its predecessor.

First off, while the trailer doesn’t explicitly say the game is set in San Andreas, number plates have the city name on them, and the San Andreas district of Los Santos is shown several times as is the Vinewood landmark.

In the video, we can see that there will be jetskis:

There will also be military jets, which hints at GTA V being less realistic (and more enjoyable) than IV:

Briefly we also get a look at biplanes, which shows that the game will have a lot of vehicular variety, something many people thought Grand Theft Auto IV lacked:

What do you think of the trailer below? Are you happy with the setting? Let us know in the comments section.