UFC Undisputed 3 Gets a New Release Date

Gamers usually clamor for release date, nagging developers until their requests are answered. Unfortunately, it seems that most of the times these initial release dates are seldom right, with bugs, gameplay changes or business decisions pushing back the game. Helping to send home that fact, THQ has announced a new release date for UFC Undisputed 3.

During an investor call, CEO Brian Farrell revealed the new release date as February 14th, 2012. The original release was supposed to be sometime in January, so they didn’t miss their predictions by that much, but it still is releasing a few weeks later.

With more than four months until the release, hopefully this will be the last change, but look on the bright side, even if you don’t have a date for Valentines day, you’ll still have someone to curl up on the mat with.