Skyrim Enlists a Team of Elite to Deliver an Epic Audio Experience

November 3, 2011Written by Jonathan Leack

One of the most commonly overlooked qualities of a game is the audio. Many of the most renowned games of all-time had fantastic audio, whether it be Final Fantasy VII, or Metal Gear Solid 4. Bethesda is fully aware of this little-known fact, and has gone to great lengths to ensure that Skyrim is a game that capitalizes on audio delivery as much as humanely possible.

Skyrim will be an absolutely epic adventure, and to help put the exclamation point on its presentation, Bethesda have hired some of the most talented musicians in the world. Not only was a full choir brought in to deliver powerful harmony, but a group of high-profile voice actors were brought in to make dialogue interactions (which are extremely important for Elder Scrolls titles) as realistic and seamless as possible. Christopher Plummer, Joan Allen, Lynda Carter, and over 60 more actors were hired to provide the voices behind the hundreds of NPCs in the game. Several of the artists have been in dozens of films, and have history in other AAA titles such as Mass Effect 2.

Hear more about how Bethesda is planning to deliver a visceral acoustic experience in the video below:

Skyrim‘s engine is a highly-upgraded and revised version of what was used in Oblivion, and will offer a pleasing visual imagery. With a large open-world, beautiful eye-candy, and epic audio, Skyrim could end up being one of the greatest experiences in gaming history.