Skyrim to Be An Absolutely Massive Journey, Have a 655 Page Strategy Guide

As is usual for any Bethesda game, players are expecting not only an epic journey in the upcoming Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but an extremely large one as well. If the size of its strategy guide is any indication, these expectations have not fallen on deaf ears.

Pete Hines, Vice President of Public Relations at Bethesda, posted some news that should be exciting to anyone looking to put in dozens of hours into what could be the biggest RPG of this holiday season. He posted on Twitter stating:

Just got my hands on the first copy of the Skyrim strategy guide. Quite the tome, coming in at 655 pages. As much a weapon as it is a guide.

To put that into perspective, the Mass Effect 2 strategy guide was 320 pages, while Dragon Age 2‘s was just over 300. Fallout 3‘s was of similar length, and we all know how long that game took to complete. The gameplay and visuals don’t look like they’ll disappoint, and with enough length to last months upon months, in addition to planned downloadable content, there’s a good reason Skyrim is on the top of millions of wish lists.