Naughty Dog Hiring for a “Third-Person Action” Game

Naughty Dog may have told gamers that they weren’t sure what they’d do now that the Uncharted trilogy has come to an end, but a recent job listing suggests that the renowned developer is already hard at work on their next game.

Posted today on LinkedIn, the new job listing for a Game Designer explains what the position will entail:

Responsible for designing and producing engaging and fun third-person action gameplay and levels

Candidates also need to have “experience playing 3rd person action games”.

Additionally, it’s clear the listing isn’t simply for Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception DLC, as the designer will be working on singleplayer levels, and Naughty Dog have specifically announced that there won’t be singleplayer DLC:

Responsible for the planning, levellayout, setup and tuning of single-player levels, from high concept to object placement and scripting

The fact that it specifies “third-person action” could mean a new Uncharted, a new IP, or even possibly a new Jak & Daxter. However, exactly 465 days ago, Naughty Dog had a job listing for a game with “fun third-person action gameplay”, and we all know how that turned out, so that does seem to suggest the game could be Uncharted 4.

As one, if not the, best third-person action developers, it’s great to hear that Naughty Dog won’t abandon the game, but it is a shame that there probably won’t be an Uncharted racing game.

What would you like to see from ND? And do you want their game to be on PS3 or PS4? Let us know in the comments below.