Sony Advert Shows You What You Could be Doing Instead of Playing EyePet

November 17, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

With EyePet & Friends having released earlier in the week, Sony’s marketing machine has swung into action to try and get people interested in the game. Unfortunately, the new advert seems to promote the advantages of having a real pet, rather than make us want to buy the augmented reality game.

In the video, the camerawoman tickles and strokes a Slow Loris, with the cute primate showing it’s real-life enjoyment at over 60 frames a second, and its soft fur has true tactile feedback. The Eyepet, on the other hand, looks on jealously, making annoying noises and trying to get in the way as it hovers creepily above the blanket.

It’s clear to see what Sony were aiming for in the video, but it seems to have backfired. Do you think they would have been better off showing the bad things about having a real pet like pooping and biting?

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