Zipper Reveals PlayStation Vita Third-Person Shooter Unit 13

Hot on the heels of the announcement of Motorstorm RC for PS Vita, Sony has revealed a new shooter from Socom and MAG developer Zipper Interactive, Unit 13.

“Designed from the ground up” for the Vita, the third-person shooter Unit 13 apparently boasts fast action, on-the-go gameplay. The game has six Operatives with unique abilities that must be used to play through 36 missions across nine different locations. Some missions are small and bite-sized battles, while others will be longer and more challenging. Playing missions unlock tougher High Value Target (HVT) enemy battles, which you can share with other Vita gamers on your friends list using NEAR, once you have completed the level.

The social functionality of the Vita was a key focus for Zipper, with Unit 13 featuring a live notification interface that keeps you up to date on your leaderboard position, gives you new “Daily Challenge” content, new unlocks, shared High Value Target missions, and challenges from friends as they move past you on the leaderboards. With 3G, you’ll be able to receive the notifications anywhere, but Wi-Fi users can obviously only use the system when connected.

The release date for the game has yet to be finalized, with Zipper’s Chris Roper saying “We haven’t announced a date yet, but it’ll be available right around then if not on launch day. You won’t be waiting long, regardless.”

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