PlayStation Vita Games Will Have Flexible Pricing

November 30, 2011Written by Sebastian Moss

With $0.99/59p and free-to-play games becoming hugely successful on smartphones, Sony is aware that consumers are growing increasingly used to low priced games. With that in mind, the company will take “a more tailored approach” to pricing.

PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan told that they will offer multiple price-points for Vita software, saying:

I think it would be safe to assume we will take a more tailored approach than perhaps we’ve done in the past.

Ryan did admit that it would be “foolish and naïve to ignore what’s happening”, continuing:

It’s our challenge to ensure that the gaming experience that we provide is closer to that TV console experience than it is to your 69p thing that you’ve downloaded on your iPhone.

If we do that and we provide great value to the consumer on games like Uncharted, I think the possibility to sustain historic console type price points is there.

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