’12 Gifts of PlayStation Plus’ Announced for European PSN

Starting today, European PlayStation Plus subscribers will be able to download a free game every two days.

The 12 titles have all been available PS+ before over the last 18 months, so are great for new subscribers, but might be a little disappointing to long-time users. The promotion will include 8 PSN titles, two minis and two PSOne Classics, with the first free game set to be Sonic the Hedgehog 2 – which will be available to download for free until 3rd December. That means that you only have 48 hours to download each game, rather than being able to pick them up all at the end, so make sure to download the games in time.

But don’t worry if you already have all the games, Sony has promised “the same level of great content during December” in addition to the ’12 Gifts of Christmas’.

The EU PSN has also kicked off the ’12 Deals of Christmas’, which offers a new deal every two days on the PlayStation Store, along with discounts for Plus subscribers.

The 12 Deals of Christmas runs on the following dates:

  • Christmas Deal 1 – 1st to 3rd December

– LittleBigPlanet 2 + 10 free DLC packs (Jak and Daxter Costume Kit, Festive Goodies Level Kit, God of War Level Kit, Heavenly Sword Level Kit, inFAMOUS Costume, Killzone Costume Kit, Kratos Costume, Sackboy On The Run Dynamic Theme, MotorStorm Costume, Animals Costume) – €34.99/£24.99 (extra 10% discount for PlayStation Plus members).

  • Christmas Deal 2 – 3rd to 5th December
  • Christmas Deal 3 – 5th to 7th December
  • Christmas Deal 4 – 7th to 9th December
  • Christmas Deal 5 – 9th to 11th December
  • Christmas Deal 6 – 11th to 13th December
  • Christmas Deal 7 – 13th to 15th December
  • Christmas Deal 8 – 15th to 17th December
  • Christmas Deal 9 – 17th to 19th December
  • Christmas Deal 10 – 19th to 21st December
  • Christmas Deal 11 – 21st to 23rd December
  • Christmas Deal 12 – 23rd to 25th December

The US PSN store has yet to announce a similar promotion. If you’re a European gamer, will this deal tempt you to upgrade to PS+? Let us know in the comment below.