Sony Corrects GameStop Pricing for 4GB, 8GB PlayStation Vita Memory Cards

The PlayStation Vita, despite having an attractive price tag as video game hardware, has a quite expensive proprietary medium used for saving games. Video game retailer GameStop had put up a number of prices for Vita’s memory cards and accessories, but two of those prices have since been revealed not to be correct.

IGN reports that Sony contacted them to inform them that the 4GB and 8GB Memory Card prices were wrong. GameStop had listed the 4GB Memory Card at $29.99 and the 8GB Memory Card $49.99, while Sony has said that the 4GB Memory Card  is $24.99 and the 8GB Memory Card is $39.99. The two corrections were the only corrections made to the pricing – the 32GB Memory Card still costs $119.99. No accessory prices were corrected, either.

The only PlayStation Vita model that comes packaged with a Memory Card currently announced is the First Edition bundle, which is packaged with the Wi-Fi + 3G model. The First Edition bundle arrives a week prior to Vita’s launch and is packaged with a 4GB Memory Card.