Best Buy Challenges GameStop to a Duel of Game Trading

Used game games sales have been under scrutiny by developers and consumers alike as their prevalence has grown. GameStop has been a king of this section of the video game market, but a challenger has entered the ring.

Reddit’s striker1122 posted a photo on which shows an aggressive Best Buy advertising their used game trade option with a little wordplay. See below:

Many people associated game trading with GameStop which has led to somewhat of a monopoly. As a result, trade-in prices are questionable, leaving consumers with a bad deal that leaves them little choice if they want to swap games and consoles for new items. Best Buy’s emergence could profoundly impact the market, but as a result used game sales could increase, further eating away at the profit margin of developers. One thing is for sure, if you love video games then you should buy your games new and support the industry, but everyone feels the urge to trade-in a game from time-to-time, and for that we now have more than one option with Best Buy.