Sony Defends Vita Memory Cards, Talks Custom Soundtracks

In an interview with Japanese site Impress Watch, Sony’s Vita development staff explained the reason behind choosing the highly expensive proprietary memory cards, rather than supporting SD cards, as well as discussing the handheld’s custom soundtrack support.

Sony’s Division 2 Software development head Muneki Shimada tried to explain why they opted for a costly memory format, saying that everyone would have the same product, and conditions would be equal for everybody. Sony were also concerned with the security of other memory sticks.

Despite Adobe announcing that it won’t be further developing its Mobile Flash Player, Shimada said that they’re continuing negotiations with Adobe and have not given up yet.

Custom soundtracks will also be supported by first using the system’s Media Player to play music, and switching back to the game. There are still some limitations, but the game’s sound effects ‘should’ be able to overlay directly over the custom sound. The feature is said to work with all games.

Finally, product division chief Hiromi Wakai explained that the PC will recognize the Vita as a mass storage device at launch, but Mac support will come at a later date.