Square Enix Developing a New PlayStation 3 and Vita Action RPG

Square Enix’s 1st Production Department is working on a Unity engine-powered action RPG for PlayStation 3 and Vita, according to recent job listings.

The first job advert is for a planner to work on character growth and customization, including a jobs and abilities systems. The second advert seeks planners to work on gameplay over a 3D field, mentions world maps, air ships and in-air ship gameplay – said to be “equivalent to a town in RPG”. The listings also reveal that the game runs on the Unity engine, unlike the recently announced action RPG from Square Enix that uses the Unreal engine.

Square Enix has a fantastic back catalog of IPs, but which one would you like to see made on PS3 and PSV? Or would you prefer a new franchise entirely? Share your thoughts in the comments below.