Cliffy B To Announce New Epic Franchise at the VGAs, Won’t Have Space Marines

Epic Games’ Design Director and Gears of War head, Cliff Bleszinski is set to announce “an entirely fresh, new experience” at Spike TV’s Video Game Awards this Saturday.

Cliffy B confirmed that the new game announcement from will be for an entirely new franchise, rather than a sequel of an existing game.

The news was initially confirmed in a tweet by the developer, along with a video.

“@geoffkeighley: At VGAs this Saturday on Spike, @therealcliffyb will unveil a surprise new franchise from Epic!”

The “big announcement” will be developed by Epic’s in-house North Carolina studio, and was described by Bleszinski “not what any of you think”. He also confirmed that it won’t have the bulky space marines of GeOW, Unreal Tournament and Bulletstorm.

Considering Gears of War‘s exclusivity to Microsoft platforms it’s possible the new franchise could also be only on 360/PC, but it’s important to note that Microsoft haven’t hinted at any “big reveals” for the awards show this December 10th, and this late in the console cycle, third-party exclusives are becoming a rarity.