Discover Ten Ways to Beat Rayman Origins in New Trailer from Ubisoft

Platformers have a tendency to have very specific requirements on how to make progress or beat them. Rayman Origins, like its limbless wonder protagonist, is far more flexible. Michel Ancel’s recently released platformer has ten different ways to beat the game and a new “10 Ways To Win” trailer from Ubisoft shows all of the methods to do so.

Players will have the option of: catching all of the lums, finding skull coins, beating the clock (preset times for beating a level), discovering hidden secrets, freeing characters called “electoons,” chasing moving treasure chests through a level, defeating all of the game’s bosses, saving all of the imprisoned nymphs, collecting all of the costumes, or unlocking “The Land Of The Livid Dead.”

The trailer below shows examples of how to accomplish all of these, plus some generally awesome platforming gameplay as well.

For those interested in sampling the game’s action, a demo is now available for Rayman Origins on PSN and Xbox Live, or you can read our review.