Resistance 3 “Brutality” DLC Detailed, Out Today

Insomniac previously teased some exciting news for Resistance 3, and it’s now been revealed as an all-new survival-based DLC pack called “Brutality”. Not only does the DLC feature new content, but another weapon as well.

Insomniac head honcho Ted Price detailed the Resistance 3 Brutality DLC to G4TV in a video. The DLC will feature a survival-based mode putting users up against a constant onslaught of Grims. Along with the rest of Joseph Capelli’s arsenal of weapons, the Sledgehammer will also be available as part of this DLC pack. To top it all off, the DLC has its own soundtrack with music performed by metal band Mastodon.

The $3.99, two-player co-op DLC is out today in the US, tomorrow in Europe.