The Darkness 2 to Have Four-Player Co-Op “Vendettas” Mode

The Darkness II, in development at Digital Extremes, is the sequel to Starbreeze’s hit FPS The Darkness and will continue the story of possessed mafia criminal Jackie Estacado. The Darkness II, though, will have its own four-player cooperative gameplay mode known as “Vendettas.”

Vendettas is described as a team-focused, mission based experience that has new environments and story elements. The story is parallel to the one seen in the game’s single-player campaign. Four characters join Jackie Estacado in his struggle with The Brotherhood, as they all have some kind of grudge against the organization obsessed with The Darkness.

The four characters are:

  • Inugami, also referred to as The Hound, who wields a sword.
  • Shoshanna, an Israeli special forces agent with a gun capable of firing multiple rounds of gunfire at one time.
  • Jimmy Wilson, a Scotsman wielding a “Dark Axe” that can summon Darklings.
  • J.P. Dumond, a witch doctor who can cast voodoo magic against his enemies.

The Darkness II will be released on PS3, Xbox 360, and PC on February 7, 2012.