OlliOlli 2 Update Today On PS4 Adds Four-Player Local Co-Op Mode, Combo-Rush

After launching in March and enjoying “bodacious success” with over two million downloads on both platforms, a free update today for OlliOlli 2: Welcome to Olliwood on PlayStation 4 adds the local multiplayer mode, Combo-Rush. As developer Roll7 adds, “Combo-Rush will not be available for PlayStation Vita players.”

Allowing you to play co-op across all worlds and spots, here’s the four new modes Combo-Rush supports:

  • Time – Rack up the beefiest score in a set time!
  • Race – Clash against your mates in a quick race to the end!
  • One-Shot – Think Daily Grind – but without the practice!
  • Score – Set the target score and pray you don’t sloppy that massive combo.

Combo-rush is presented in a tournament format, with Skaters selecting a tournament length then each round is scored until the winner is crowned. If you’re tied at the end of the tournament, you’ll enter Sudden Death, with a random One-Shot level chosen to determine the winner.

Roll7 then addressed a recent leaderboard glitch:

Some naughty people (you know who you are!) took advantage of a now-patched glitch to get crazy scores! We’re removing the modified scores now, so once you’ve honed your skills with Combo-Rush against your friends – get back into Olliwood and climb those ranks!

Producer Tom Hegarty said, “OlliOlli 2 has always been about lauding it over your friends, now you can laud it over them in person, right up in their face… If I could come up with a decent skating pun, I would.”

Will you be playing OlliOlli 2 with some friends today?

[Source: PS Blog]