Trine 2 Gets A Release Date for PSN

Frozenbyte’s follow-up to its downloadable platformer Trine, appropriately titled Trine 2, will be releasing this week for PC and Mac. But what about the PlayStation Network? When will we get our hands on the sequel?

The co-op game will release on December 20th on the PlayStation Network – the developer just about managed to keep its promise to release the game this year.

The side-scrolling action platformer has the basic gameplay component from its predecessor: three players co-op action. The game will test players’ ability in solving puzzles utilizing the three classes, a knight, a thief and a wizard. New for this iteration is enhanced graphics, online co-op and also new powers for each of the classes. The wizard can now lift object using a “Jedi” force and the thief will have a new ability to slowdown time (excited yet?).

The game will cost $14.99 when it comes out and if it’s half as good as the first game, this game will be an absolute blast to play with friends, online or local. To refresh your memory, you can enjoy the latest trailer from the developer down below.


Are you planning on getting the game? This could be a great co-op game to be played with friends and family for Christmas.