Sega Bringing New Version of iOS Title Kingdom Conquest, Samurai & Dragons, to PlayStation Vita

Sega is going to bring an upgraded version of the Apple iOS title, Kingdom Conquest, to Sony’s upcoming next generation handheld. The name of the PlayStation Vita version is Samurai & Dragons.

The existence of the Vita version was brought to light in the latest issue of Japanese video game magazine Famitsu. Kingdom Conquest is a free-to-play RPG that blends dungeon crawling with RTS elements like resources and player alliances. The gameplay will remain the same, though the graphics and interface will be changed for Vita.

The producer of the game, Masayoshi Kikuchi, talked about how the two different aspects of the game come together:

There’s the dungeon-crawling in the action part, and then there’s the struggle for territory in the battle part with the cards you’ve earned and strengthened. Taking over the world is a major goal of the game, but you’re also free to keep hacking away in the dungeons if you like.

Kikuchi also commented on how the Vita’s Internet functionality made it an attractive platform to bring the game to:

You can keep playing by yourself, but the game’s basically set up such that players naturally interfere with each other. That’s why we chose the Vita as the target system — it’s a portable platform that’s always connected to the Internet.

Samurai & Dragons was not given pricing or release date information.