Twisted Metal to Include 8 Maps, 30 Map Configurations and Strong Multiplayer/Co-Op Support

The delay of Twisted Metal was one of the biggest disappointments to transpire this year, but on the plus-side it helped cement Sony’s strong line-up for 2012. With only two months until release, David Jaffe has decided to spill some more exciting information in typical fashion.

David Jaffe shared the following in response to a fan on Twitter:

In the new Twisted Metal there are 8 huge maps and out of those we’ve created 22 sub maps for a total of 30. Each sub map has a different layout and configuration and essence, the intent being that ALL 30 maps offer a unique, fresh play experience.

30 total map configurations is nothing to scoff at. Twisted Metal: Black, which is the most critically acclaimed title in the more than decade old series, had 19 total configurations. He continued:

Offline 2 player split has access to all 30. 3 and 4 player split get 7-9 of these maps (forget exact number) because we could not support all the maps (many are very big!) if we split the screen 3 or 4 times!

If you’re looking for an exciting split-screen game to play with friends, this just might be it. 30 multiplayer maps, a co-op story mode, and a deep cast of characters makes this one jam-packed title. Additional development time could also mean more content than we expected, if not more polished.  This will be the first Twisted Metal title to release on a console in over a decade, so you can imagine Jaffe wants it to hit a home-run while inciting nostalgia from fans.

We have had an excellent time playing Twisted Metal at both this year’s E3, and last year’s as well. If you’d like to read our impressions, head over to our Twisted Metal preview article, and be sure to mark your calendar for February 14th, which is when this killer title will finally hit store shelves.