Metal Gear Rising Trailer Leaked, Developed by Platinum Games

Sony may have managed to keep The Last of Us a secret (well mostly), but Konami haven’t been so fortunate. The trailer for Metal Gear Rising (Solid has been dropped) has been leaked online, showing Platinum Games as the developer.

Originally leaked onto YouTube, the video has already been taken down, but backups are being kept on NeoGAF, and we have a copy of the trailer below. The trailer, which is 3 minutes long and in-engine, looks a lot more like an actual game than past footage that looked like a tech demo. The big reveal of the trailer is that the game is now in development by Bayonetta and Vanquish studio Platinum Games. The trailer shows a game unlike any previous Metal Gears, and definitely looks influenced by Bayonetta.

Stick to PSLS as we’ll bring you more coverage of the VGAs as it nears.