Is The Last of Us’ Trailer Set in Ohio?

After it was revealed that the trailer for Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us contained a bunch of hidden secrets, gamers across the internet immediately started trying to uncover the mysteries of the post-apocalyptic game.

N4G user DaveMan enhanced an image of the final moments of the trailer:

In the picture, you can just about make out what seems to be directions to the street name “Colerain Avenue”, as well as clearly make out the sign ‘Dennison’. It just so happens that Colerain Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio is near to the Dennison Hotel. While this seems to suggest an Ohio setting, it’s important to point out that the Dennison Hotel does look different in real life, and has a a smaller outside sign:

Naughty Dog have been known for taking creative liberties with cities like Kathmandu in Uncharted 2, where they used real street names and hotel names, but had different designs. Also, the proximity of Colerain Avenue and Dennison would be quite a big coincidence if unrelated.

Would you like Ohio to be one of the settings in the game’s “journey across what remains of the United States“? Let us know in the comments below.