Rumor: Does Sony Have Three Registered Web Domains for The Last Of Us?

Sony and Naughty Dog’s upcoming horror game, The Last Of Us, made its world premiere trailer debut at the SpikeTV Video Game Awards this year. A web site has investigated some domain registrations made for The Last Of Us and Sony may have three of them related to their newly debuted game.

Pinoytutorial reports that a Reverse IP Domain search they performed for “” has revealed three matches for the domain:,, and

According to a search for the domains, the three domains all have similarly listed registrants “ATTNLASTOFUS.COM,” ” ATTNLASTOFUS2.COM,” and “ATTNLASTOFUS3.COM.” They’re all listed as care of Network Solutions.

All three web addresses redirect to the official website for The Last Of Us when entered into a browser.

Gamers may see the numbers 2 and 3 attached to the domain names and think that if the domains do belong to Sony, more than one game is being planned. If the domains do belong to Sony, however, they could just as easily have been registered to protect them.

The Last Of Us is currently in development for PlayStation 3.