New PlayStation Vita Info: Earning Trophies On Other Vitas, Save Backup, Remote Play Details

New information about the PlayStation Vita has been made available via the English version of the console’s user guide (applicable to system software version 1.50), which has been published on the Internet by Sony. Some previously unknown information includes details on how to earn Trophies for games on other Vitas, save backups, and the Remote Play feature.

First, Trophies: Trophies for physical, retail Vita games can only be earned for a game on the system on which the game was started. If you play the game on another Vita, you won’t be able to earn Trophies, unless you perform the following steps and sign up for PSN:

  1. With the game card inserted into the Vita you started the game on, sign up for PSN, then start the game.
  2. Insert the game into the other Vita you want to play the game on, sign in to the same PSN account, then start the game.
  3. The game recognizes you as the original player and lets you earn Trophies.

For saves, save data is bundled with application/game data. If application/game data and save data are on a Memory Card, both can be backed up to a computer or a PS3. If the game saves to a Vita game card, neither application/game data or save data from the game card can be backed up.

As for Remote Play, there are three different kinds of button assignments and three different kinds of image quality: [+1], [Standard], or [-1] that can be used for the feature.

The PlayStation Vita can also take screenshots by pressing the PS Button and Start button at the same time. The Photos will be in the Photos Vita application. The manual does note that it may not be possible to take screenshots in some applications, “or some parts of applications.”

Save data for PSP games can be copied to Vita by first copying the data to PS3 or PC and then using the Content Manager to transfer to Vita.

Also, game software can be transferred to Vita from PS3, so long as the software isn’t installed. If the software is already installed, download it again for free from the PlayStation Store Download List, then copy over to Vita before the install. Sometimes, the software can be downloaded directly from Vita via the Download List, but some games can’t be copied over from PS3 to Vita or downloaded directly via Vita.

Finally, the instruction booklet lists some battery life estimates. These estimates are given under the following conditions: that the screen brightness is at default level, that Bluetooth is not in use, and that headphones are in use.

  • Playing Games: Approximately 3-5 hours (when Network features aren’t in use)
  • Playing Videos: Approximately 5 hours
  • Listening to Music: Approximately 9 hours (when system enters standby during music playback and music continues playing)

The Vita will take approximately 2 hours, 40 minutes to charge from zero percent battery life. Using the system while charging or charging while in standby mode can increase charging time.

The PlayStation Vita launches on February 22, 2012 in North America and Europe.