Rumor: PlayStation Vita Games Will Ship Without Printed Instruction Booklets

Gamers who regularly purchase retail gamse likely have noticed the trend of fewer and fewer titles including print instruction booklets. According to a story published on Andriasang, PlayStation Vita games shipping without an instruction booklet of any kind may be a reality.

Andriasang reports that Inside Games was able to get their hands on a PlayStation Vita game prior to its release and took pictures of the inside of the case. The case only contained a piece of paper with the usual warning notices printed on it that come with games as part of the instruction booklet and the game itself.

The report goes on to say that Inside Games also claims that PlayStation Vita games will forego the usual printed instruction booklet in favor of one that can be accessed from the game itself. Andriasang says whether or not Inside Games’ report is speculation or result of official notice of some kind is unclear.

If there are any updates about Vita’s instruction booklet support, PSLS will keep you posted.